Specific Breakdown

What does a website cost?

The following is a list of the most general things we get asked about for each project. In addition to breaking things out based on company type, and website “size”, we thought it would be a good idea to spell out some of the specific items involved so you can have a clearer picture on the cumulative price (and nature) of websites.

  • Domain Name: $1.99-$100 per year – This is the price for new domains. Everythings Technical charges $15/year for domain and DNS management, but you can purchase your own domain at any registrar on the web for around $10/year. Some old domains can sell for thousands, but you probably want your own new one.
  • Hosting: $5-65/month + – This depends on the type of hosting you choose (dedicated, shared, free). Additional fees may be required for additions like SSL (Secure Socket Layer certificate) or static IP Address.
  • Custom Design/Information Architecture: $250 – $1,000 – This includes the visual design, UX design, imagery collection, and sitemap and page structure generation. This is generally a part of a larger website development package.
  • Shopping Cart Integration & Programming: $200 – $1,000 – What kind of functionality do you want on your website? Shopping carts, paid plugins, and custom feature development can cost extra, but the benefits of a fully customized and unique website can outweigh the costs.
  • Website Content Creation: $25-$50 per page – You can write your website’s content yourself, outsource it overseas for around $1 per page, or use a content writing firm which will charge around $100-$200 per page. Just like a website design, you get what you pay for when it comes to content creation that will rank your site high in search engines and engage your audience.
  • Project Management & Information Gathering: $100-$300 – We want to help you and your website succeed, and that means creating a line of communication between you and your developers. This price includes initial consultations, phone calls, and any time that it takes to obtain the information we need to get your site going.
  • Testing & Training: $0-$1,500 – While most websites are built on easy-to-use CMS’ nowadays, not everyone knows how to get started with them. This price point includes the time spent training you how to use your new site, as well and ensuring that everything works properly and giving you the chance to make any necessary changes.
  • Website Managed Services: $25-$150+/month – Managed services can include blog writing, post-launch testing, and content maintenance.May also include marketing and advertising services including AdWords, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Advertising and more.


For Small Businesses and Individuals (Blogs)

Do it Yourself


With advances in business models, content management systems, and software there are now (and really there have been) some amazing tools online some include, among many. These tools are amazing. As a development agency, it’s sometimes scary to see how far things have come.

However, it’s important to note – these tools are often complicated and our (general) audience is still not comfortable learning and using these tools. Similar to the above – these sites are highly configurable, but still require some coding, graphic design, and other knowledge to cull out of them a custom, attractive look. However, these are excellent resources and I’d recommend these services for any business looking to do it themselves.

Hire a Developer

$200 – $1,500+

A basic designed website, acts primarily as an online brochure, establishing a necessary presence online to answer your customers’ questions “do you exist?”, “are you professional?” and “what do you do?” A basic website can be created in the $200 – $1,500 range. This website may or may not allow you to interact in a 2-way conversation with your audience (social networking, blog), transact business directly through your site (ecommerce), or enable you to manipulate and update the pages and content within your site without hiring a web programmer/designer to do it for you (Content Management System does enable this for more $$$).

A basic website site will serve to help brand and market your company, showcase your products and services and inspire sales as a lead generating tool. The design of your website will, most likely, be templated at such low costs. This means that your site probably mirrors that of other sites on the web. With Everythings Technical, these sites will be responsive using the latest standards to allow your site to look the same on nearly every computer/device and will be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for greater natural search engine ranking success.


For Medium Sized Businesses or Ecommerce Solutions

Custom Work

$2,000 – $6,000+

Depending on the level of aesthetic design that is requested as well as additional features Content Management System (CMS) websites will run, on average, around $3,500. These websites are created with both functionality and design in mind, as you will receive both custom art design and the ability to manage and update all content, images, and text contained within the pages of your site (infinite number of pages possible). With a CMS capable website, your site will have endless possibilities.

These websites are built with the idea that you will have a significant number of changes, additions or updates to be made to your site in the near future. Instead of being charged hourly rates to make such changes, a CMS system enables you to do a majority of the basic additions without prior coding or web designing knowledge. Social interactivity with your site visitors is possible with a site of this caliber, as a BLOG will be present within your site enabling you to place posts of content that you believe is relevant and desired by your audience. Your audience can choose to respond to your blog posts and each others comments allowing for 2 dimensional interaction between you, your audience, and within your audience.

Some e-commerce and real estate listing sites can be created within this price range (although development and SAAS companies have jumped on a similar bandwagon with providing services tailor-made for specific industries – so you might be able to find something for much less). But, as always, if you are looking for something custom, it gets far more complex – and expensive.

Also, sites of this caliber have varying prices with regard to design elements. Again, with Everythings Technical, these sites will be responsive allowing your site to look the same on nearly every computer and will also be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for greater natural search engine ranking success.


For Businesses or Individuals Needing Online Software to Perform Specific Action(s)


$1,200 – $3,500+

Going beyond a custom website, we have custom web applications. These are websites with entirely new functionality that might not yet be available, or is available, but needs updating, tweaking, etc. For example we had a client come to us recently with an amazing idea – an application for low income families to apply for “holiday assistance” during the holiday season based on income and housing standards. We worked together to plan out an initial scope, signed an agreement per the scope, and then got to work building this new application.

We worked with our client to design what it would look like, how it would work, and then launched the new application.

Literally we turned this organization’s dream into a reality – and created a crucial tool out of their idea. Custom web applications can be large, or small. At Everythings Technical, we prefer to start with a project scope and have a set price of $1,200 for an initial scope. However, many clients prefer to not pay for this planning, brainstorming, and discovery phase and instead like to bundle it in with a final set price, all up front. Although this is possible, in our 10+ years experience, it’s not the best way to go.


Why are some Web Design Companies so inexpensive while others are outrageously pricey?

We’ve bid on a projects where we were leaning farther on the low-end cost and sometimes farther on the high-end cost. For example, we’ve seen companies vying for projects at $5,000 and on the high end, $300,000. And then our clients would go on to ask us… “What gives? Why are you so much more expensive than the low-end companies, and so much less expensive than the high-end companies, and why is there such a massive difference in the first place?” What is with this industry?!

We’re proud to continue to charge (what we believe as) correctly, providing our clients with amazing support and technical know how. Even years after these clients ended the relationship due to price, they came back to us and we were around (with backup copies no less) of their sites, proving that “quality doesn’t cost… it pays”.

Unfortunately, even to this day we continue to hear story after story where companies explain – “our web guy was great, but then he disappeared.”

Too often us web folks are kind, caring people, who are new to business uncomfortable asking for a fair rate that will allow their company to grow and prosper and allow for flexibility when emergencies arise. So we charge too little. Unfortunately that creates an eco-system where no one is accountable and – eventually – there’s no one there to pick up the phone or answer an email when 5h!t hits the fan. And believe us, eventually, the 5h!t always hits the fan.

Not to mention there are literally hundreds of tiny steps that you – as the purchaser or client – will never know that need to be done. Making sure analytics code is correctly installed, making sure goal tracking is setup, submitting the site to webmaster tools, etc. and if these aren’t done you are receiving a sub-par product (with potentially sub-par marketing results – learn more about your sites coding and its effect on your organizations overall marketing) and if they are done, even the simplest site will still take many hours to fully setup.

Plain and simple, you get what you pay for.


Why we developers don’t like to barter. Not because we want the $$$, we KNOW you will end up having to trade more than you thought.

A personal note from me, Kevin Goldman:

Building a website from the ground up is a process. It’s often seen naively or ignorantly as a quick task that a computer geek can throw a few lines of code into a “program” and voila, a website. It is very much like building a house. From blueprints, foundation, framework and so on until the final product. For one developer in lieu of a design or development firm its a large undertaking but we take immense pride in our work and you’ll get a much more personal approach.

Building a website for the trade of, lets say, tattoo services could be detrimental to a tattoo artist. It’s not just about a marketing tool and talking point to tell everyone about your work and who designed your website. It is an extension of your business, your artwork and your services as well as your personality. It’s a tool designed to draw business, market outside of your general reach and hopefully grow your service footprint. If you want a website to accomplish all of that for the trade of tattoo services, you’ll have me in your chair for days and weeks rather than someone who is helping to pay your rent and business expenses. You’ll have possibly racked up $1,500 to $2,500 in owed services and you’ll start to regret seeing my face walk through the door for another floating skull. 

Believe it or not there are moments when bartering your web design and programming services for a customer’s products and services could be considered fair trade. However, I truly believe that those moments are very few and far between. Of course I understand that there are those moments when friends and family have approached and asked for a favor and if these are truly solid friends and close family, they will understand that business is business and favors cannot pay the rent or feed mouths.

I like to be 100% transparent when it comes to barter work for websites. It is almost never fair for the one receiving the website. Thus I really stay away from it. It’s not that I simply see no value in it for me and would prefer the financial compensation it’s that I understand that to break even it will end up costing my customer more in goods and services than they originally anticipate offering, primarily because they are unable to decipher the exchange rate from one service to another. That being said, I don’t want to deter anyone from my services and YES, I would be very interested in helping any customer one way or another in at least consulting services.

Again, you get what you pay for.